Reflecting ICL's Story
Through a Visual Identity

Here you will find how the brand narrative was translated into a graphic language designed to illustrate our new identity in a manner that serves all ICL's units.
Just like any other language, its main purpose is to unite people around one idea providing symbols and expressions encapsulating their ideas and beliefs.

Thus, the "Wavering Ribbons" were born as well as the corporate logo and the different units.

The famous traditional ICL logo has been updated, resulting in a modernized version representing ICL's exciting journey into the future. The goal was to maintain the ICL legacy and valued symbolism, while granting it an updated refined look.


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The new ICL role, focused on providing humanity's essential needs, has prompted a parting from the laboratory beaker image that the original logo enveloped, apart from being constructed from the three letters I, C and L. The updated version uses accurate spacing and rounded shapes to illustrate the ICL name in a clear, friendly, contemporary manner. It also provides a diagonal stroke which is used as a graphic bridge for connecting all the branding particles, thereby underlining the important consolidation process ICL has gone through.

The wavering ribbons, which make up the visual imagery of the ICL brand, symbolize the whole sequence of ICL's brand story. Inspired by images of transformation, movement and dynamic evolvement they capture the true nature of ICL as a synergized system prepared to be "taken" where needs call.


wavering ribbons

As people who populate this world we have many needs. We need to eat, we need to live in safety, and we need water and energy as well as solutions to guard our health and sustainability as a global community.

Yet these needs keep evolving and they wear new forms and shapes, as they walk hand in hand with progress and circumstance.

ICL is obligated to constantly listen and respond to every slight movement these needs take. As an attentive, agile and intelligent system, this is the true dedication of ICL and this constantly moving role has to be depicted in symbolic means.

So, the ICL "ribbons" capture, symbolically, the true nature of ICL, prepared to be "summoned" or "taken" - as the tagline promises - to where ever needs call.

ICL sees the end benefits of its diverse businesses, and in order to keep this complex promise, it has to act metaphorically just as the ribbons move and flow in shape, temperament and color. Yet the ribbons consist of several colors flowing chromatically into each other, in order to stand for synergy of many businesses and industries. In spite of the consolidation process, the group wishes to express its pluralism and respect to the differences that shall ever remain between different industries and cultures, yet work together in harmony and balance.

ICL includes 2 divisions, under them are operating a few units on various locations around the world. The branding process has granted meaning to this collection of companies by uniting them under one idea, the idea of responding to needs of humanity whenever and wherever they appear.


In order to express the abundance of solutions and yet show solidarity to one big vision, the different units carry an identical logo and graphic scheme, yet each unit,
a color of its own. So, apart from having the group's logo in blue, each unit owns a secondary color enriching the color palette and expressing the richness of the group's industries, and backing up the promise to evolve with whatever need which arises. The graphic language of a specific unit, therefore, consists of the group's name, ICL, together with the name of the unit, for example, Specialty Fertilizers, separated by a short diagonal dash. The group's logo being corporate blue, whilst the units' name and dash being the secondary color.




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