Communicating a
New Graphic Language

ICL's new corporate design language was designed to be easy to handle, simple to implement, while being flexible enough to allow creative freedom. Here you'll be able to find how this new graphic language is used in everyday items.

From the brand book
- you can find examples for daily office use, such as letterheads, business cards, PPT presentation and more.

Additional Design Ideas
- will show you some ideas and suggestions, how the new branding and graphic language can be used for marketing and advertising products such as flyers, mugs, notebooks, company vehicles and more.

\ All
  • PPT head page

    \ PPT head page

  • PPT inner page

    \ PPT inner page

  • Unit Envelope

    \ Unit Envelope

  • General Word Document

    \ General Word Document

  • Unit Word Document

    \ Unit Word Document

  • ICL signature

    \ ICL signature

  • Unit signature

    \ Unit signature

  • ICL Flyer

    \ ICL Flyer

  • Unit Flyer

    \ Unit Flyer

  • Folder

    \ Folder

  • Tablet screen saver

    \ Tablet screen saver

  • Magazine

    \ Magazine

  • Mug

    \ Mug

  • Notebook

    \ Notebook

  • Trucks

    \ Trucks

  • Van

    \ Van

  • ICL slogan strip

    \ ICL slogan strip

  • Units slogan strips

    \ Units slogan strips

  • ICL Business Card

    \ ICL Business Card

  • Unit Business Card

    \ Unit Business Card

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