The Story of ICL's Rebranding

ICL embraces a new way of thinking, shifting its focus from being a products-oriented company, to one that listens to humanity's needs.

The new company strategy and vision urged ICL to become attentive to the world's needs. From that point on, it was quite simple to understand that the common denominator between end products that seem to have hardly any connection to each other – is humanity. People. Us. Us and whatever our basic needs are. 

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In the Past, In Order to Navigate, You Had to Look Up at the Stars.

Today All We Need to Do is Look Down at Our Smartphone.


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In the Past We Needed Horses With a Lot of Power.

Today We Need a Lot of Horsepower.


This is what you need, therefore it is what we'll make.

The need for higher quality food, more efficient farming, environmental friendly energy and safer products is constantly growing. And so ICL takes on its new mission of listening to these needs and providing them with solutions, on a daily basis. ICL's agricultural products help to feed the world's growing population. The potash and phosphates that it mines and manufactures are used as ingredients in fertilizers and serve as an essential component in the pharmaceutical and food additives industries. The food additives that ICL produces enable people to have greater access to more varied and higher quality food. Other substances, based on bromine and phosphates help create energy that is more efficient and environmentally friendly, preventing the spread of forest fires and allowing the safe and widespread use of a variety of products and materials.

"The needs of our customers and their consumers in agriculture, food and engineered materials will be constantly changing because of what is going on in the world: a shortage of food and water because of rapid population growth; global warming hazards; desire for increasing product safety supported by ever growing regulations; health risks and need for sustainability; drive for greener energy sources; hunger of the new middle class for meat and processed foods; and many more."

Stefan Borgas, President & CEO.

And so, instead of concentrating on the outcome and on products, ICL is now concentrating on its 'client', meaning – humanity and its ever-evolving needs, making a promise to the market and being committed to it.


fulfiling humanity 03
TV viewing quality evolves constantly, so do we.
In the age of HD TV experience, every small detail becomes a big deal. The grass at televised soccer fields must be in perfect condition, colored in perfect green. ICL specialty fertilizers provide a unique formula that has already ensured winning pictures from major soccer fields in countries such as England or Spain, and in stadiums during Euro 2012.


Whether needs are "calling" in agriculture, food or engineered materials. Whether in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North or South America or in the Middle East, it is now our responsibility to keep a finger on the pulse of changes and developments, to embrace them and to evolve along with them.
Understanding that the entire foundation of our business revolves around supplying humanity's essential needs, will allow us to succeed and grow in all of the different markets in which we operate.
But how do we communicate this vision not only to ourselves, but also to the entire world?

"Needs evolve, so do we". This was the manifest that was chosen to mark the starting point to ICL's entire branding process. This new message was used to illustrate how the brand strategy was changing from "Us, as a company" to "You, and your needs".
No matter what the unit and the industry is – we now all speak in one voice, promising to listen to the people's needs, be sensitive to changes and developments, and eventually meet them with innovative and creative solutions.

This new narrative was also the strategy given to the branding team to create the new ICL story, brand language and look and feel.

The new branding was created not just as a 'nice to have' graphic design and elegant tagline. It is not just about colors and printing new business cards and it is NOT the summary of a process. ICL's rebranding is the signal of a new identity. The new branding is here to inspire all of us, both employees as well as the immediate and less immediate yet relevant environments gravitating around ICL.


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Growing fruits & vegetables evolves constantly, so do we.
The fertigation practice, which applies soluble fertilizers through drip irrigation, is growing fast. Unique formulations of ICL Specialty Fertilizers containing PeKaCid® acidify the water in hard water conditions and improve availability and the uptake of nutrients.

Part of the new ICL identity and brand language was to create a visionary tagline and brand language that will convey our new strategy. "Where needs take us" is a tagline that reflects ICL's willingness to act upon any possible change or development as long as it relates to meeting the essential needs of humanity.

fulfiling humanity 05
Protection against forest fires evolves constantly, so do we.
30% of earth is covered by forested areas, compared to 50% in the past, making them imperative for nature and the environment. Yet they are subjected to more fire hazards than ever before. Fires which can be prevented and contained by ICL’s fire retardants suited to deal with today’s weather conditions.


A new need can stem from different angles: new crops requiring special fertilizers, new devices requiring new flame retardants, new appetites requiring longer lasting foods, new environmental needs requiring new energy resources, and many other new challenges which demand new solutions.

Whatever the need is, wherever it rises, ICL has engraved on its flag to detect it before others do, to contemplate on it as solution-seeking-and-providing system, and to meet it earlier and better than the competition.

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